Best Kenwood Double DIN Head Units Buying Guide

Best Kenwood Double DIN Head Units Buying Guide

Trying to find a new head unit for your vehicle is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward a process as most people make it out to be – especially if you are looking for a killer touchscreen are stereo system that includes navigation, satellite radio, DVD playback, reverse camera technology and so much more!
Thankfully though, the professionals over at Kenwood have been responsible for some of the most cutting-edge head unit technology we’ve ever seen over the last 20 years or so and their new head units are definitely amongst the very best available on the market today.

Best Chart Of Kenwood Double DIN Head Units

Kenwood Double Din DDX773BH Head Unit$$$4.5/5
Kenwood DPX502BT Double Din Head Unit$$$4.6/5
Kenwood DDX372BT Head Unit$$$4.5/5
Kenwood DPX530BT/NUTEK EARBUDS Double-DIN In-Dash CD/MP3/USB $$$4.7/5
Kenwood DDX9703S 2-DIN in-Dash DVD/CD/AM/FM Car Stereo w/ 6.95" $$$4.0/5
Kenwood DDX672BH Double DIN Bluetooth/Touchscreen + Back Up Camera

The only trouble you’re going to have purchased a Kenwood Double DIN head unit is choosing between all of the top tier options that they make available for sale. With so many to pick and choose from it can be a real uphill battle finding the one that fits your needs right down to the ground (without blowing up your bank account along the way)!

Check out the inside information we have for you below and you will be able to find the perfect touchscreen car stereo with all the bells and whistles included from Kenwood without any difficulty whatsoever.

Outline your expectations for a brand-new Kenwood Double DIN head unit ahead of time

The best way to go about purchasing a killer car stereo head unit is to outline your expectations in advance so that you know EXACTLY what to look for when you’re cruising the options available on the market right now.

You’ll need to know whether or not touchscreen capabilities are important to you, whether a high definition display that can playback video and DVDs is critical, and whether or not you want to have built-in navigation, a rearview camera, and other bells and whistles or if you’re looking for something a little bit more budget focused.

Take advantage of the advanced special features that the best Kenwood Double DIN units bring to the table
You’d also have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of all the advanced features and technology that Kenwood features in their amazing head units.

The touchscreens that they offer are considered to be amongst some of the best thanks to their responsiveness and high-definition clarity. Built-in navigation systems utilize advanced GPS technology and Google maps (the industry standard), and if you purchase a Bluetooth enabled Kenwood head unit navigating on long road trips becomes even easier when you pair your smart phone with your car stereo.

Make sure you’re getting all of the advanced features you’re most interested in as this is likely going to be the only time that you purchase a new car stereo.

Make sure that your new Kenwood head unit is going to be easy to install

It’s always a good idea to find a Kenwood Double DIN head unit that’s going to install effortlessly into your vehicle (hopefully without any extra wiring), but that may not always be the case.

You might have to do a little bit of wiring on your own when you upgrade your car stereo, so make sure that you’re going with a new Kenwood head unit that isn’t going to cause you a lot of headache and hassle along the way.

Splurge a little on professional installation if you don’t feel up to the task

Of course, not everyone is confident enough to tackle the installation of a Kenwood Double DIN unit right out of the box – regardless of how many YouTube videos they may have watched that make it seem really simple and straightforward.

If that’s the case you want to make sure you aren’t shy about hiring professionals to handle the installation for you, taking care of all the heavy lifting so that your car stereo is installed perfectly and works the first time that you fire it up.

Now that we have knocked out those important details, we’ve put together a quick list to help you find the best Kenwood unit available on the market today.

Use these quick reviews to help you find the perfect Kenwood unit for your needs going forward.

Here are some of the very best Kenwood Double DIN head units available for sale today!

#1. Kenwood Double Din DDX773BH Head Unit


  • Another of the truly great Kenwood options available on the market today, this is a slightly less expensive head unit than the one that we quickly reviewed above but provides a lot of advanced features as well.
  • You get built-in Bluetooth technology to sync up with your phone and stream media on the go, the ability to play CDs and DVDs, and a responsive 6.95 inch touchscreen with HD radio.


  • You’ll have to purchase an extra satellite radio accessory to get the most out of this particular unit if you are satellite radio subscriber, and another drawback is that this doesn’t include GPS navigation technology right out of the box, either.

Kenwood DDX773BH

6.95 inch In Dash Double Din DVD Receiver with Built in Bluetooth and HD Radio Packaged together with a CrimeStopper 120 degree License Plate Mount CMOS Color Backup Camera with Night Vision

#2. Kenwood DPX502BT Double Din Head Unit


  • Definitely one of the most budget friendly Kenwood units you’ll have the chance to buy today, this is a super simple and straightforward head unit that doesn’t include a touchscreen but has a very elegantly designed control panel for those that want to manipulate their car stereo without having to take their eye off of the road.
  • The power requirements for this Kenwood head unit are rather lightweight (making installation and wiring effortless), and you’ll be able to playback all of your favorite songs thanks to the USB integration and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You’ll even be able to control your phone and use voice commands with the Bluetooth technology cooked right into this car stereo!


  • Because this is one of the more basic head units available it does not come with a touchscreen, does not include GPS navigation, and isn’t going to playback DVDs or videos. This is definitely more of a replacement head unit for serious those that aren’t in love with their stock solution.

Kenwood DPX502BT

This double din receiver from Kenwood is the perfect upgrade for your vehicle’s electronic system. Connect your device wirelessly with the Bluetooth connectivity. This receiver plays CD’s and connects to smartphones and MP3 players with the easy to access front USB and Aux connections.

#3. Kenwood DDX372BT Head Unit


  • Hitting a sweet spot in the power and performance (not to mention price tag) categories, this Kenwood Double DIN isn’t necessarily going to knock anyone out when it comes to specifications or special features, but is still one of the more stable, reliable, and impressive Kenwood head unit options available on the market today.
  • This unit includes a 6.2 inch LCD touchscreen display that is stunningly gorgeous, provides direct iPod and iPhone control using a standard USB plug (Android capabilities are also loaded with this head unit), and you’ll be able to take advantage of media streaming, Bluetooth device control, and straightforward navigation technology when you make this upgrade.
  • All at a price point that never threatens to break your bank account, either!


  • On the flip side, the navigational components of this head unit aren’t all that “future proof” and you’ll want to seriously consider something else if you plan to take advantage of something more frequently upgraded in the navigational area.
  • There is no reverse camera component, no auxiliary plug, and some have complained about the sound quality being a little bit tinny compared to other options.

Kenwood DDX372BT

KENWOOD’s DDX372BT DVD receiver elevates your mobile multimedia experience by offering comprehensive iPod and Android controls, along with built-in Bluetooth.

#4. Best Kenwood Double Din DDX9702S Head Unit


  • One of the most advanced Double DIN head units ever produced by Kenwood, this is a serious powerhouse when it comes to enjoying your music at the highest levels of quality possible but it’s also loaded to the brim with advanced features and accessories you won’t find in many other head units at this price point.
  • Bluetooth comes “cooked right in” as does GPS navigation, and this unit plays CDs as well as DVDs and can connect to your satellite radio subscription without any extra effort, either. The 7 inch touchscreen is absolutely dropdead gorgeous and very responsive, allowing you to enjoy your media and effortlessly control the entire system with one finger.


  • At the same time, this Kenwood had mutant isn’t exactly the cheapest option on the market right now.
  • It’s also going to require a little bit of extra power than what a traditional stock head unit would, so you’ll have to do a little bit of wiring to boost the juice to this head unit before you’re ready to fire it up for the first time.

Kenwood DDX9702S

This DDX9702S Receiver from Kenwood include a ton of new ways to enjoy your music. Connect your smartphone with Apple Car Play, Bluetooth or USB options. The CarPlay option can do things such as talk to Siri, show you your directions from your phone, make and listen to phone calls, send and receive texts and more.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with a quality Kenwood head unit.

Each and every one of the options that we’ve quickly broken down above are worthy of consideration, and each of them are going to be a picture-perfect solution depending upon someone’s specific needs and price point.

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