Best Competition Subwoofers Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Competition Subwoofers Reviews & Buying Guide

Competition subwoofers have garnered the interest of many music lovers because of their impressive benefits over the standard subwoofers. They don’t just deliver impactful musical experience; they also have the best power specification and high output that can boom other competitor in the hood. The competition subwoofers aren’t the average bear you find on the market at pocket change; they are indeed pricey but truly worth every buck.

Manufacturers of the best subwoofers must have spent a coon’s age to create the best audio devices, and their efforts bore significant results. Today, anyone wishing to have the best audio setup that will hit neighbor and passerby by surprise can forget about the standard subwoofers and buy the best competition subwoofer on the market.

Top Competition Subwoofers to buy

There are so many competition subwoofer brands on the market today, which means that before you choose what you believe is the best device, you want to consider reviewing some of the hottest competition subwoofer brands on the market today. Although these systems have varying costs and none of them costs less than $200.00, you can be sure of the best audio and lyrical experience that you have never had before. Following is a list of the best subwoofers to consider.

#1. The Orion HCCA 154 15” inch & Orion HCCA 102 10”inch Subwoofers

This is among the best competition subwoofers thanks to the much advancement that it enjoys. The basic skeleton of the subwoofer consists of a strong metal to increase the durability. For convenience purposes, the subwoofer has a very small size. At just 22.5×22.5×16 inches for the length, width and height respectively, which easen mobility and installation.
In addition, it has a net weight of below 100 pounds, which adds up to the convenience of the subwoofer.

The basis of a good woofer is the power input and outputs efficiency. The best’ competition subwoofers will have great maximum outputs, for small volumes of input. This is the case for the Orion HCAA 154 15” which produces a peak of 4000 watts. Such power is adequate for people who love a cool base, although you can amplify it to ever more power, using the external stereo amplifiers.

To improve on the optimization, the manufacturer has installed a Dual 2 ohm copper coil. The voice coil has interlocks with the aluminium former. This combination not only guarantees durability, but also quality sound productions. The thick outer cover for the subwoofer increased the depth of sound, which promotes the smoothness of sound. With such a thick but flexible cover, you have an assurance of a lifetime service form the subwoofer, at very little maintenance efforts.

Quality comes at a price but the manufacturer wants to make the product affordable for all. For retailers, this competition subwoofer should sell at below $440. This price is worth when you compare the features used and the lifetime guarantee that the subwoofer has. Actually, it might be an outstanding accessory since the depth of total to 11-9/16”. The depth affects the base sounds of the speakers and promotes the clarity of the sounds.

Another great Orion production, with great features, that will guarantee you quality and convenience. This best competition subwoofer is an improvement of previous models. Generally, most subwoofers will have a single voice coil. With this single coil, the voice production, in terms of quality and depth is at standard level. Some manufacturers will try to modify this coil, but it will always have very little impact on the sound production.

With a double voice coil, this speaker has very clear sounds and a deeper base, when compared to most of the common subwoofers. In addition to this, the manufacturer has increased the depth to about 9 inches, to boost clarity and base levels. It is from this depth that you will get the base modes of this HCCA 102 10” being more significant than in other models. The product is sizeable with a 10×10.3×5 inches in length, width and height, respectively.

Due to the optimization, the subwoofer power is at 3000 watts, with different voice modes. The cone a speaker affects the sound quality and the durability of the speaker, while at maximum output. With a polypropylene cone and a rubbery surround cover, the subwoofer guarantees you quality and durability, at the same time. In addition, the rubber surround cover has better flexibility, which has a positive impact on the nature of sound produced.

Many factors increase the vulnerability of the competition subwoofers to power shots. One of them is the inefficient coil cooling system. The developer of this best completion subwoofer has taken care of this by installation of an optimized cooling system. This ensures that you will have to worry less about power shots while using this subwoofer. For uniqueness and convenience, the speaker has a couple of conex spiders, which have loops with permanent stitches. This easen installation and promote the handling convenience.

#2. Power Acoustik MOFO 12” Great Competition Subwoofer under 200$

This Acoustik version is one of the best competing subwoofers in the market. The modern look and optimizations are among the factors that makes it efficient. It competes well, even with subwoofers that are higher in power output. The development of this subwoofer bases its concept of utilizing minimal power and accessories, to produce a speaker that looks wonderful and has great performance.

This subwoofer produces 2700Watts, which is enough for its size and preference class. To boost this power, the manufacturer added a 12’ inch deep surround cover. With this combination, the voice sounds from the speakers will be smooth but deep. Most speakers have either of this aspects, which reduces the RMS and the efficiency in terms of inputs and outputs. To increase the durability of the surround cover, the speaker has a couple of unique conex spiders.

For such an effective subwoofer, the composite is very important. This is to boost the convenience and for installation purposes. With a Cloth paper Composite, the Power Acoustic is not only a stylish speaker, but also adds up to the installation efficiency. How firm the subwoofer is affects the intensity of the sounds, especially when the subwoofer is at its peak.
Another wonderful feature of this competition subwoofer is the UV Coated foam surround. This is the stylish and most modern coat that a subwoofer can have. In addition, this foam has some positive effect on the sound quality and base quality that the speaker produces. The spongy feeling of the subwoofer is something that everyone will love to have.

#3. Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 Dual 4 SPL Competition Subwoofer 900 watts RMS

This best competition subwoofer has a variety of speakers under its name. For each variety, the manufacturer altered the size and the orientation of the speakers. In addition, it is possible to get a number of Skar Audio subwoofers, with the same size but different power rates and sub sequential output varieties. When choosing amongst them, price, quality and the specific need comes into play, since each variety has the best of quality that it should have.

Generally, most of these subwoofers have a depth of 8 inches and RMS of at least 900 watts. This combination is suitable for quality voice production, with well-balanced base levels, even at the highest peak of power output. In addition, the strong metallic base of the speaker not only adds up to the unique outlook of the subwoofer, but also to the strength of the speaker. The strength of a subwoofer affects the durability and the firmness, which contributes to quality.

For the voice coil, this competition subwoofer has a 2.5-inch coil. From the design of the coil, it is able to withstand the high temperatures that result from the vibration of the surround system. The frequency is also a very important aspect, when it comes to the quality and presentation of the voice sounds. With a 42Hz frequency amounts, this subwoofer has the best output quality, when compared to the subwoofers within the same range of power inputs and outputs.

The speaker has a grade one-paper cone with a high quality foam surround-cover, which promotes the clarity and outlook of the subwoofer. In addition to this, the speaker has a dual 2-ohm voice coil, which adds up to the quality of base modes available. For power optimization, the speaker has 156 oz triple stack ferrite motor that makes it among the best competing subwoofers.

#4. VM Audio ECW120 Encore 12″ inch

This subwoofer has many modern features and optimizations that make it among the competing subwoofer. Most of the accessories in this speaker are the best in terms of maximal output form minimal input. The power output of any subwoofer relates to its quality and pricing, since it will influence the nature of voice outputs, both in base and normal modes. For this VM ECW120 version, it has RMS power of 1500 watts. This is a very powerful range of speaker outputs.

For peak output, the optimizations by the manufacturer have ensured 3000 watts worth of power. To boost this power, this best competition subwoofer has a dual Voice coils. In addition, the Frequency transuding system combines with this dual core to produce a very efficient voice output. All these accessories lead to more power and depth of the speaker, producing great base and normal voice output.

The unique accessory form this subwoofer is the Wide surround system. In order to support this wide range of radius, this completion subwoofer has a thrust suspension system. With this combination, any power input will have a greater boost and will promote the depth of the sound. Generally, all these factors will require a strong framework, to ensure firmness and promote the quality of the sound produced, when the subwoofer is at its maximum.

With such a wide surround system, it is possible that the coil will overheat. However, for this subwoofer, the manufacturer has installed a high temperature cooling system. In addition, the subwoofer has a depth of 12’, inches, which adds up to the base intensity. Due to the mechanical suspension, this speaker assures you of a pure sound with minimal of unnecessary noises from the movement of the surround cover. The rubber cover is also another feature that promotes durability and quality of this best competition subwoofer.

Where to get

VM Audio ECW120

The ECW120 pumps 1500 watts of RMS power and peak power of 3000 watts. Whether you’re enjoying a symphony orchestra or something a little more bass-heavy, the ECW120 delivers the right amount of power for any listening preferences.


If you are looking for the best subwoofers that will make your car or hood rock, these are the top choices for you. While they don’t cost a pocket change, they are surely worth the bucks. Of course, the prices vary, so you can cut your coat according to your cloak.

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