Best Underseat Subwoofers Reviews and Guide Line 2018

Best Underseat Subwoofers Reviews and Guide Line 2018

Best Underseat Subwoofers

Best Underseat Subwoofers – Now, I do know that if you’re here, reading about the best subwoofer, it is highly unlikely that you do not know what it is but since you might have to give an informative. and a detailed definition or explanation about what exactly a subwoofer is, to a novice who hasn’t used it yet. you might really have to know what it is. The subwoofer is basically the kind of loudspeaker that goes on to reproduce the low frequency sounds so as to make it. Sound more pleasant and clearer when you hear it.

Subwoofers are all that loudspeakers are not. You might wonder why one would go for Subwoofers but the fact is if you wish to listen to the pipe organs or such musical instruments which go on to play music in extremely low frequencies especially between 20hz to 80hz. Subwoofers are the ultimate solution for you low-frequency craze. Bass music is as popular as it is because of its uniquely calming abilities and its abilities to go on to try and produce just the low-frequency sounds. the ones that we basically can never get enough of even if we do try.

Why should one go for a subwoofer?

Subwoofer has all the innate qualities of a good speaker and has essentially pretty much turned into everybody’s first choice by now. Subwoofer is something that tends to literally highlight even the minutest of sounds. Many a times, it may so happen that you might be listening to some kind of music where the tone is so low that no matter how much you try. and turn up the volume of your speaker, the music is bound to become or rather sound like a distant murmur.

A distant murmur is not what you seek for when you go for a loudspeaker which is precisely where the subwoofers tend to have the upper hand. Since they know exactly what and when to do or rather, have the capability to produce all such sounds ranging between the frequencies of 20hz and 80hz, all the sounds, low pitched especially, which generally tend to go unnoticed or cannot be heard properly due to whatever issues that you might be having go on to be clearly heard in Subwoofers which specialize in making the experience of listening to music with utmost concentration no less than a blessing.

Why are Subwoofers as popular as it is?

Subwoofers are extremely popular and for all the right reasons that too. If you are a hard core music lover and cannot understand or hear few notes or voices which are extremely low pitched or in the frequency of 20hz to 80hz. You must go for Subwoofers because unlike loud speakers where you get to hear everything in just a louder tone. Subwoofers tend to focus on each music and lyric with utmost dedication and strive hard to go on to make your focused listening experience a beautiful one.

Subwoofers have all the qualities that a musician looks for, in a speaker. It tends to bring in to light with utmost fierceness. Every lyric and chord with utmost clarity and unlike loudspeakers which in most cases tend to go out of hand, they do not ever go out of hand. If you get it set in a proper way keeping all its conditions in mind, there is no way for you to not go for it. In fact everybody nowadays prefers subwoofers over loudspeakers and correctly so that too. Subwoofers are indeed the music systems that can make your musical experience a fulfilled one.

Best under seat subwoofers

Now, since you’ve heard enough about the importance and types of subwoofers that have o so beautifully entered our lives and made our musical journey a magical one. You might also get to see the list of the selective few subwoofers that have made their ways on to the lives of people effectively. One more thing that I’d like to mention is that instead of giving you a detailed account on the subwoofers of all kinds. I’ll just give you a jest of the top under seat subwoofers which are the best kind of subwoofers that there are.

Kicker hideaway compact powered subwoofer

#1. KICKER 11HS8 8 150W Hideaway Underseat Subwoofer

Like its name itself suggests, Kicker hideaway compact powered subwoofer is a powered subwoofer and the best powered subwoofer that too. The features that make it the best among all the under seat subwoofers are as follows:

  • Unlike most subwoofers which take a lot of space to fit in, the Kicker hideaway compact powered subwoofer needs only a little bit of space to fit through and can be installed in most cars.
  • Its compact size along with its powered feature with its in built amplifier is something that people simply cannot resist.
  • It’s wonderful structure and capability to produce the sound from frequency ranging between 25hz to 120hz, is something that makes it all the more irresistible.
  • You can adjust the bass level of the music and it can literally trace the lowest of notes with utmost clarity and is bound to become one of your favorites!
  • You can adjust the bass level of the music with the help of a remote control that you get along with the subwoofer allowing you to change the frequency of the music any time you want and giving you more options to explore and enjoy the music fully with.


This Kicker underseat subwoofer delivers surprising low frequency output from a remarkably small enclosure, setting a new standard in plug-and-play bass performance and convenience in a vehicle.

#2. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Powered Underseat Subwoofer

This under seat subwoofer is a kenwood powered subwoofer making it all the more wonderful than it already is. It is one of the absolute choices that people generally go for and the features that make it absolutely drool worthy are:

  • It is not only super slim which makes it easier to accommodate in almost any kind of vehicle but also extremely clear in its sound effects.
  • Again, the fact that it has an in built amplifier within in to enhance the low frequency music is something that is sure to bowl you over.
  • The frequency that this subwoofer generally tends to generate or focus on is the frequency ranging between 35hz to 125hz.
  • It is one such subwoofer that has aluminum finish that not only prevents rattles and other kinds of problems that most subwoofers tend to put you through but also make the whole hassle of maintenance an easier task.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Powered Subwoofer

If you are limited in space or just looking to add some bass to your system, this kit is for you. The Kenwood KSC-SW11 is a compact low profile powered subwoofer system that can be added under car seat, in tight spaces or just in your trunk.

#3. Kicker 40TCWRT102 10” Underseat Subwoofer

This subwoofer is as popular and widely used as it is because it can be easily accommodated beneath truck seats to perfection. This is basically every truck owner’s ultimate guide to music and the features that make it stand out from the rest of the subwoofers are as follows:

  • The rest of the subwoofers are not solely designed for the sake of truck accommodation but this Kicker subwoofer, unlike the other subwoofers has been solely designed for trucks.
  • For all the truck owners who have been wailing over the non existence of such under seat subwoofers as would perfectly fit under their seat without being either too small or too huge, this Kicker subwoofer is the answer to their pleas.

Kicker 40TCWRT102 Underseat Subwoofer

Slim-profile, CompRT Loaded Enclosures are perfect for pickup-truck seats that hug the back of the cab, with three sub sizes in tight, sealed enclosures. They are the smallest sub boxes we’ve ever designed, but still blistering, true high-performance KICKER woofers and boxes.

#4. Pioneer TSSWX2502 10″ shallow mount Powered Subwoofer

  • This subwoofer again has a pre loaded amplifier but in a bigger size compared to the other compact subwoofers.
  • This, however, is in no way a flaw because this bigger size only helps the truck drivers to listen to the music they o so love in their sweet leisure time with amazing sound effects in a level that the compact subwoofers cannot help you enjoy.
  • The frequency range that it generally produces is between 25hz to 125hz which is indeed the perfect range for a sound system that large.
  • Again, it’s great quality and durability makes it the perfect choice for all truck drivers who just have to make a one-time investment and, then get done with all of it.

Pioneer TSSWX2502 10

Need hard-hitting bass from a small enclosure? Pioneer’s TS-SWX2502 enclosure fits in in a wide variety of car trunks and truck applications, and delivers powerful performance without taking up a lot of space.



#5. SSL LOPRO8 Powered Subwoofer

This SSL LOPRO8 amplified subwoofer system is more of a boon than you give it credit for. Firstly, the most important criteria for making it to the top 5 list of the best powered subwoofer is that it should be amplified and like every other subwoofer I have listed above, this under seat subwoofer is amplified as well. However, the features that made this subwoofer one of the best ones this year are as follows.

  • Apart from this subwoofer being small in size, it is pre amplified which reduces the pressure of having to install an external amplifier for the same purpose.
  • You also get a remote control to enhance or lower the frequency sounds generated or produced by it effectively.


Enjoy the rich sound of Bass in just about any vehicle with the SSL LoPro8 Class A/B 8 inch Low Profile Amplified Subwoofer.

What are the different types of subwoofers?

The different types of subwoofers are as follows:

Under seat subwoofer is not like any other regular subwoofer and in fact it is better than regular subwoofers in more ways than one. The most common problem that every subwoofer tends to put you through is its disadvantage of being out in the air.

So, the under seat subwoofer, being under the seat of a car or any other vehicle for that matter, makes the setting all the more favorable for the subwoofers which already have an issue with open spaces in general as well. The under seat subwoofers make the whole musical experience a magical one and unlike the normal subwoofers which are difficult to carry and install, are way easier to carry and install and very much portable if you ask me. Subwoofers are best if they’re light to carry and good to look at, very much like what the under seat subwoofers are.

Compact subwoofer

Now, believe it or not, what people are actually looking for when it comes to every kind of device is it being compact and portable and the Subwoofer, in this regard, is no exception. Every person who owns a subwoofer has always wanted to own one which is not only as beautiful in its use as all the subwoofers are but easier to carry too. This is because most subwoofers take up a lot of space, are in no way compact and take a lot of time to install and these are the things that tend to make people get fed up of the subwoofers.

But what if you get all the qualities of a subwoofer, in a subwoofer which is not only compact and portable but extremely easy to install as well?  Of course you go get it in a jiffy. Compact subwoofers are not just extremely useful for the transportation and portability purposes but also produce better and clearer music if you give it a chance to. Since compact subwoofers are small, they tend to get into any kind of enclosed space with no difficulty which in turn goes on to become its ultimate success because it is in enclosed spaces that the subwoofers work best.

Powered car subwoofer

This is turn reduces the pains of having to install an external amplifier which will in turn burn out much of your car’s power.

Normal subwoofers are huge and take up a lot of space in your car but the powered car subwoofers take up minimal space and are lighter and help you carry it with utmost ease and comfort. They again tend to not use up the car’s power as much as the original subwoofers do. They are again easier to install compared to normal subwoofers and far less expensive than them. All these factors tend to make them the perfect pick of subwoofer for people with small cars who do not need excess noise.

Small subwoofer

Small subwoofer is not very different from compact subwoofer. It is as much compact and easier to carry as the compact subwoofer and has all the features that it has. However, the one prominent different that I must mention is the fact that the small subwoofers, unlike compact subwoofers which tend to be portable, are not very portable. They might be smaller in size but equally heavy and difficult to install correctly but one thing that you must remember is that subwoofers of all kind, big or small, tend to give you the best experience of musical hearing.

Amplified subwoofer

Again, amplified subwoofers are such subwoofers which tend to have amplifiers installed within them. This is turn tends to help you in more ways than one. Not only do you not have to install an external amplifier for the amplified subwoofers but also save up on a large portion of your car’s power which would otherwise have become a complete nuisance for you. The amplified subwoofer, is, again relatively cheaper than the normal subwoofers and produce less loud music because of their compact nature and in built amplifiers but again these are the very factors that make it affordable for the common mass.

What are the subwoofers below $200 useful for?

One thing that everybody is most concerned about, when it comes to subwoofers, it is its price. It is a well known fact that unlike loudspeakers which come in real handy and both cheap and pricey, Subwoofers, especially under seat subwoofers which this article basically deals with, are way more pricey and have a balanced price with no extreme price range differences. However, for those who wish to purchase the best subwoofers under 200, they can gladly go through the list of the top 5 subwoofers that I’ve listed above. This is because apart from all the factors such as amplifiers, compactness and frequency levels the one thing that everybody looks at while purchasing anything including a subwoofer is its price. This is why I have prepared a list of subwoofers that you can totally go for despite your low budget.

What are the factors that make subwoofers better than loudspeakers?

This article basically deals with under seat subwoofers but one thing that you must know apart from the fact that Kenwood subs are amazing is the fact that subwoofers are way better than loudspeakers and in more spheres than one. Now, before we move on to how they are better than loudspeakers, let me refresh your memory a little. Loudspeakers are such speakers which go on to produce the same music in a higher volume for you to hear to the point of deafness whereas the subwoofers are such speakers which highlight the lower frequency tones and music with utmost brilliance because of its ability to produce lower frequency sounds.

The factors that make subwoofers better than loudspeakers are as follows:

  • Loudspeakers tend to highlight only what you’ve already been hearing. For example if you’re listening to a particular song, all a loudspeaker can do is rise up its volume to a large extent but a subwoofer, on the other hand, can highlight the low pitch, low frequency sounds with utmost clarity such that you will be able to hear every single lyric and chord with clarity.
  •  The subwoofers on the other hand, may not cover a lot of frequency unlike the loudspeakers or the woofers but deals with what it does generate in utmost clarity. If clarity in music and sound is what you give importance to, subwoofers are definitely your pick.
  • Loudspeakers are not as large in size as compared to the subwoofers but the reason that most people do not know behind the large size of the subwoofers is that for it to generate clear sound, the large size is a must.

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