Best Pyle Double DIN Head Units Buying Guide

Best Pyle Double DIN Head Units Buying Guide

Best Pyle Double DIN Head Units Buying Guide

Pyle is a pioneer in the audio and video system market. This well-known brand has been in the business of sound equipment since the 1960s. Starting with the manufacturing of high-quality woofer now the company has established its presence in the sectors of car audio. home audio, marine audio and other musical instruments.

When it comes to audio receiver heads, the first thing one has to look for is the DIN setup. Here I am going to write a review about some of the top double DIN audio head units the company has manufactured.

#1. Pyle PLDT87BT Head Unit

The next product in my review of double DIN head units is the Pyle PLDT87BT. This unit comes with a 7-inch high-resolution display screen that is detachable. The unit has a display resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. The monitor is touch enabled, that gives you the facility to navigate through the media easily through the user-friendly control interface.

The TFT LCD monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The motorized fold out display also has the tilt adjustment. The wireless streaming is powered using Bluetooth with the hand-held device (Bluetooth capable device such as smartphones, tablets etc.) you have in your kitty.

Once you pair the Pyle PLDT87BT with your smartphone along with the seamless wireless media streaming that you are expected to enjoy, you can dial and answer incoming calls. Pyle has included this facility keeping the driver’s convenience and your safety in mind.

The Pyle PLDT87BT is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices like Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, etc. The file systems supported include JPEG, AVI, WAV, MP4, MP3 etc. There are control options for adjusting bass, volume, treble, fader and more. These are integrated with the user-friendly interface.

Just like any other in-dash multimedia system Pyle PLDT87BT also has multiple input options. The CD and DVD tray and the USB port allow you to enjoy the media you have saved in your different storage media. The audio input and output jacks are provided as RCA ports. Along with all these options, you can enjoy 30 stations of FM radio broadcast. The company has provided a remote control along with the product to facilitate the passengers to control the entertainment system.

The Pyle PLDT87BT is equipped with ESP (Electronic shock protection) and anti-shock protection for the system’s durability and seamless playback. The in-dash system’s weight is 6 lbs. and it has a measurement of 6.97 x 1.97 x 6.97 inches (L x W x H). You can upgrade your automobile with this multimedia entertainment system without compromising on your safety while enjoying seamless connectivity with your music and radio.

Even though I could not find many worrisome aspects in this simple Double DIN head unit, you may lack the feel of video output you get in Pyle PLSD131BT. Since this is a basic in-dash entertainment system you do not have the option to select receiver display colors and it is not aesthetically top class. Still, I would say this is worth a buy.


The Pyle Bluetooth head unit receiver combines Bluetooth wireless music streaming and hands-free call answering into one Convenient unit. Drive safer and smarter with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road during calls. It easily pairs to your smart phone and works with all of today latest Bluetooth-enabled devices (like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc.).

#2. Pyle PLT85BTCM Single Din Car Stereo

This single DIN head unit receiver from Pyle is a complete entertainment system which has the accessories to help in safe driving as well. The Pyle PLT85BTCM head kit includes a stereo receiver, 7 inch High Definition monitor, rear view camera and all necessary cables and wires for installation. The 7 inch TFT LCD screen has a resolution of 656 x 492 pixels.

The touch screen display makes the navigation through the media list easy and the control interface is quite user-friendly too.  You have three positions to choose from while adjusting the tilt.

The receiver face is detachable so that you can insert the micro SD card and mini SD card (SD stands for Secure Digital, a kind of mass storage device). The maximum capacity supported by the unit is 64 GB.

The USB port and the AUX input are provided on the face plate itself. So to connect these mass storage devices you need not remove the receiver face plate. This is a well-thought of feature that saves you the hassle of manually removing the faceplate each time you insert a memory card.

The control interface lets you control almost all the features on the unit including the rear camera. You have to first connect the rear camera with the device and then parking will be easier for you. To open up the camera control page you just have to tap on the camera icon on the menu page.

The rear view camera performs better when it is mounted above the license plate. The rear camera is waterproof and distance scale lines are built-in for depth perception. Just like the other head units, Pyle has added a remote control. with the kit so that the back seat passengers can also control the unit.

For the convenience of the driver. the company has provided the SWC (steering wheel control) option which enables the driver to the control the audio playback without taking the hands off the wheel. You will need a separate adapter to place it around your steering. Once you have connected the adapter store the preferences using the control interface on the receiver. Then you can move the tracks forward and backward with the integrated volume controls.

This unit weighs just 6.69 lbs, and the dimensions are 10.0 x 1.3 x 1.26 inches (W x H x D). This is a complete package with entertainment. driver convenience and safety combined all into one package.

Even though the manufacturer claims that the resolution of the display is high definition it will not seem sharper than 800 x 400 pixels. This may be a letdown for some users who look forward to crisp and clear videos akin to the ones on their other high definition video devices. Having said that, 656 x 492 is not too dull either.


The Pyle Bluetooth head unit receiver & backup camera kit combines driver safety and multimedia entertainment — into one Convenient Package. The stereo receiver adds Bluetooth wireless music streaming and hands-free call answering. Drive safer and smarter with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road during calls.

#3. Pyle PLBT71G GPS Head Unit

The last Pyle audio receiver head unit that I am going to discuss is the Pyle PLBT71G which offers almost everything that a driver needs while driving. The HD display screen has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The touch screen enabled monitor telescopes up and out with the tilt adjustments.

The faceplate of the receiver can be removed so that you can connect your storage media. (SD cards with maximum capacity up to 64 GB). To increase the safety and convenience of the driver and passengers the company has included the rear camera to the package. This enables the driver to park and take reverse easily without the fear of bumping.

The main difference or addition to the other units discussed above is the built-in GPS. (Global Positioning System) feature which is of great convenience to the drivers. This ensures that you take the best route available to your destination. The map gives you turn-by-turn voice navigation so that you do not have to look into the screen.

Now you can be worry free even if you lose your way. the GPS enabled Pyle PLBT71G is going to take you home safely and quickly. The unit comes with a remote control and the micro SD card with the maps (The USA, Canada, and Mexico).

The Pyle PLBT71G is compatible with iPhone, Tablets, Androids, iPad, Smartphones etc.

The common file types like MP3, JPEG, AVI, MP4, and WAV are supported. The multimedia disc reader supports CD, DVD, CD-R, VCD, CD-R/W etc. Adding to this to give you more entertainment options, you can tune to 30 local radio stations. The control interface lets you adjust the treble, balance, bass, encoder, fader, and volume.

The unit’s measurement is 6.97 x 6.97 x 1.97 inches (H x W x D). As I said, this is a complete package. and one should be careful that it does not confuse the driver because of the plethora of features it offers.

These audio receiver head units from Pyle are among the best you can find. While not all of them are the same. every product lives by its reputation that was built over decades of trust.

Pyle PLBT71G

The Pyle GPS & Bluetooth head unit stereo receiver system combines driver safety and multimedia entertainment — into one Convenient Package. Built-in GPS navigation find the best route to your destination and Get there safely with text-to-speech & turn-by-turn assistance.

#4. Pyle PLSD131BT Head Unit

The Pyle PLSD131BT in-dash multimedia device is an entertainment system which you can use in your car. This features a double DIN design that houses a bigger display. The Pyle PLSD131BT head unit is compatible with iPhone. Blackberry, Tablets etc. You can play media from DVD and CD also. The multimedia system has a detachable 13.1 inch color monitor.

The LCD motorized detachable monitor in the PLSD131BT displays sharp quality videos and vivid colors with a pixel resolution of 1024×600. This is pretty good for a display of 13.1 inch screen.

This Bluetooth powered multimedia system enables you to stream the media from your smartphone and other devices easily. You just need to have a Bluetooth enabled hand-held device or storage media. When I say Bluetooth-enabled multimedia system. this is not just an entertainment system. This double DIN head unit gives you the freedom of hands-free talking facility when you are driving.

Just pair your phone with the system and attend the incoming calls. Like that, you can keep your eyes on the road. and avoid getting tickets from the cops for talking on the phone while driving.

The Pyle PLSD131BT gives you multiple options for media input. Along with the DVD and CD player, the system comes with an SD / MMC Card Slot. The system comes with radio receiver so that you can listen to local news and programs while driving. The remote control gives you the freedom to operate the system easily even from the back seat.

Along with these facilities, this feature rich in-dash multimedia system makes the parking easier with the help of the rear view camera. You do not have to fit a separate rear view mirror because your Pyle PLSD131BT will help you in that too. The Aux input jack enables you to connect your MP3 player. or iPod to play music from them. All the input ports and USB slot are organized on the front panel of the receiver so that the driver can operate the system easily.

The face of the receiver on which you can attach the display unit can be folded up and down easily. When you do not have the display unit attached. You can just keep the motorized face folded down.

Now if you look at the aesthetics, the receiver is compact and the company gives you the option to select the desired color for the receiver display from 5 colors. (Blue, yellow, red, green and purple). The in-dash dimensions are 7.24 X 2.13 inches (Height x width) and it weighs just 8.31 lbs. Now, be ready to enjoy a crisp and clear video. audio while traveling without compromising on any safety aspects!

Now that you have seen the pros and facilities this 13 inch Double DIN head unit offers, if I do not list those few shortcomings my review will not be complete even though you may choose to ignore them. The unit does not play all the formats from the storage media. You will have to play 3GP format because MP4 may not work. MP4 being the more advanced form of compressed audio or video, this unit’s inability to play this format may not be appreciated by many users.

Pyle PLSD131BT

The Pyle PLSD131BT in-dash multimedia video receiver is the ultimate dashboard entertainment system. The big screen head unit features an enormous 13.1

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